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Value Visor Instructions

Position the “visor light” on the visor, normally on the passenger side with the lenses facing downward when the visor is in the up position.

Fasten the straps over the visor and position the “visor light” with its bottom edge even with the lower edge of the visor. Tighten the straps to snug the “visor light” against the visor.

Clean the cable clip location on the windshield column and the dash with 409®, Fantastic®, or the equivalent prior to affixing the clips. This procedure is particularly important if a silicone-based protectant such as Armorall® has been used on these surfaces. Failure to adequately clean the clip mounting locations may prevent the adhesive on the clips from securing a sound, long-lasting grip.

Place the cable in the clips. Open the clips only as much as necessary to insert the cable. 

To operate, flip the visor down, insert the cable plug into the cigarette lighter socket and switch on.

Note: If the “visor light” is to be permanently wired, make certain that the lead from the cigarette lighter plug tip is connected to plus (+) 12 volts.