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We carry a full line of
SHO-ME products.

Trail Blazer IV

The Trail Blazer IV Light System has everything you need to turn your police or security bicycle into a fully functional law enforcement unit. The new and improved light system now has 3 exceptionally bright Luminator LED's for the headlight portion of the system, with an easy to reach touch pad with a high beam and low beam switch on it and a built in headlight dimmer.

Welcome to Alerte Systems Inc.

Manufacturer of emergency lighting equipment in Cassville, MO. Our product line ranges from the Trail Blazer bicycle patrol light systems, to our School compitition light sets.
Utilizing the latest in LED technology, we specialize in developing a product line for police, fire, EMS and construction applications.
In conjunction with our sister company Able 2 Products, we distribute a full line of the SHO-ME® Products.

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