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Mark 9 Mirror Mount Light Instructions

Internal window Mount Installation Instructions

CAUTION: The adhesive backed tape used to secure the light is a very aggressive contact tape that is virtually impossible to remove or relocate.

Before removing the cover film from the tape to expose the adhesive surface, hold the assembly against the glass surface and select the optimum location for your purposes. (For windshield mounting, to insure maximum light output, we suggest that the upper edge of the light be positioned just below the tinted area of the windshield.)

Bend the mounting bracket as necessary to allow light assembly to be hung securely.

Once you have chosen the location and adjusted the mounting bracket as necessary, clean the mounting area with the provided alcohol swab. Place a strip of masking tape horizontally below the mounting location to act as a guide in the final positioning of the light.

Then And Only Then, remove the cover film from the foam tape adhered to the mounting bracket. Place the bottom edge of the foam tape surface against the upper edge of the masking tape. Tilt the bracket upward to adhere the tape to the glass, and apply pressure to the back of the foam tape portion of the bracket to secure it and to remove any trapped air

*If the foam flash-shield wrinkles against the glass where it may cause possible interference with the light output, it may be easily trimmed with a pair of scissors to more closely match the slope of the glass.

Ground the black lead of the power supply to a known good ground. Connect the red, fused lead to a 12 DC source capable of supplying at least 10 amps through a switch.

Note: The lights must be connected to the power supply prior to switching on the power.